Ghana Premier League side Asante Kotoko face potential positive hearing from FIFA over Kwame Bonsu transfer fee

Asante Kotoko could be handed a huge boost over the transfer fee of former midfielder Kwame Bonsu as FIFA could order Esperance de Tunis to pay Bonsu’s transfer fee.

Kotoko and Esperance are already in the lockup over the transfers of two Ghanaian players, Emmanuel Clottey who Kotoko signed from the Tunisian giants in 2015 and Kwame Bonsu who joined the North African giants from Kotoko in July 2019.

Kotoko is indebted ($ 180,000) to Esperance over Clottey’s transfer after FIFA ruled the Ghanaian giants breached contractual terms in signing the former Chelsea striker.

Esperance on the other hand are reluctant to pay Kotoko the transfer fee of Kwame Bonsu ($150,000) in a bid to get the books balanced for Clottey’s deal.

Kotoko sought redress from the FIFA Player Status Committee in order to get Esperance committed in paying Bonsu’s fee, and latest report claim Kotoko could be handed a favorable ruling as the FIFA committee reviewed Kotoko’s petition on today Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Kotoko are racing against FIFA ultimatum to clear a total of $ 240,000 fine including Esperance’s $ 180,000 before next month 10th or the Ghana giants will be demoted to lower tier football.

Their competitors, Esperance could be handed the same ultimatum to settle Bonsu’s transfer fee or would be relegated to lower division in Tunisia, that’s is when the pending ruling goes in favor of the Ghanaian giants.


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