Juvenile football development in Ghana as GFA introduces young competition after launching Juvenile Football Season

The Ghana Football Association is all set to launch the official start of the Juvenile Football Season at the Secretariat of the association on Wednesday.

The event which will take place at 11:00am will mark the start of the Juvenile Football Season as the FA aims at encouraging youth football development nationwide.

The season will be used by the FA to identify budding talents to mark the start of a long term development project that will see the various senior national teams not lacking talent.

The theme for the season set to be announced is ‘Encouraging Youth Development in Football; Empowering the Youth With Hope and Inspiration.’

The Ghana FA also aims at using the Juvenile Football Season to help children improve their health, develop their physical abilities, to develop their social, educational and leadership skills as well as the rate of school drop out in the country.

Meanwhile, football governing

GFA News

body has decided to introduce penalty shootouts in the soon to start Juvenile Football Leagues.

This innovation which is novel in the Ghanaian football setup will see matches that ends in a draw in the young football league proceed to penalty shootouts to determine the winner.

In announcing the initiative at the launch of the 2020-21 Juvenile Football Legaue on Wednesday, the GFA President Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku explained that the move was to help prepare Ghana’s next generation of football talents perfect their penalty shootout execution skills.

He explained that penalty shootouts have been Ghana’s bane at major international competitions and the introduction of this innovation promises to play a role in overcoming this hoodoo.

“For so many years, Ghana has suffered a lot from our inability to score at the penalty spot when games end in stalemates. The Black Stars we remember Senegal 92 (which is) just one of the key examples,” he said.

“So beginning this season, all juvenile games that end in stalemates will be decided via penalty shootouts. So what that means is that when the game ends in 0-0, 1-1 or 3-3 we’ll resort to the penalty shootout to decide the winner.

“The winner gets 2 points while the losing team one,” he concluded.

The Juvenile League is set to start on the weekend of May 7/8/9, 2021.

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