New war erupt at Barcelona as Joan Laporta strikes back at Bartomeu in two-hour press conference

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has slammed Josep Maria Bartomeu following the publication of an open letter he addressed to his successor last Friday.

Bartomeu attempted to absolve himself from Barcelona‘s dire economic situation and instead shift the blame onto Laporta.

However, Laporta struck back in a two-hour press conference on Monday, in which he described the open letter as “full of lies” and highlighted the terrible situation that the club was in when he took over as president in March.

“[Bartomeu] started to panic because the results are negative,” said Laporta.

“He is desperate because he sees that his management of the club has been disastrous.”

Laporta went on to highlight the worrying economic situation that he was faced with when he became president, and he revealed that the club’s negative net worth currently stands at 451 million euros, which he described as a “terrible inheritance”.

He also added that emergency repair work to the Camp Nou had to be carried out ahead of their LaLiga Santander opener against Real Sociedad.

Laporta warned the former Barcelona president that the matter is far from over and that he will be looking to take this matter to the Assembly of Delegates, who will subsequently take a decision over the legal pathways that can be pursued.

“No one will escape from their responsibilities,” he said.

The events of the past few days have signalled the start of an open war at the club, and it is not the first time that Laporta has been involved in one during his association with the club.

During Sandro Rosell’s presidency, with Bartomeu as vice-president, the board undertook an action of responsibility against Laporta and his directors, which Laporta ended up winning.

The extensive lawsuit which took place then now looks set to be repeated.


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