Another hefty financial claim leveled against Zamalek as former player Khalid Boutaïb demands €3,400,000 million settlement

Zamalek’s board member Amr Adham has revealed new hefty dues against the club, with the latest coming from ex-striker Khalid Boutaïb.

Since the removal of Mortada Mansour and his board, all of Zamalek’s financial issues have been exposed as the club’s debts have become public.

Hussein Labib, who currently heads the normalization committee, previously confirmed that they need to pay FIFA $17 million [EGP 266 million] after many cases were ruled against them.

Zamalek even decided to open a bank account to fundraise money from the public and Zamalek fans to assist the club in these difficult times.

However, this didn’t stop FIFA from handing Zamalek a two-window transfer ban over their staggering unpaid dues. To add insult to injury, new cases against the club have been revealed, with ex-striker, Khalid Boutaïb asking the club for late dues of €3,400,000.

“We are trying to communicate with the agent of former Zamalek coach Jamie Pacheco to schedule the fines so that we can abide by it and the same thing we are trying to do with former club coach Christian Gross,” Adham said.

“The good thing is that Gross’ lawyer was involved in another case and knows that we are serious about paying dues.

“Maarouf Yussuf has a final sentence against us of 7 million and 700,000 Egyptian pounds.

“Gross has late dues of €662,000, and Pacheco has dues of up to €470,000.

“We also have reached a settlement with ex-striker Benjamin Acheampong for $900,000, which we have already paid to him.

“Meanwhile, we owe Marítimo a fee of €1 million plus 5% interest and I can’t calculate the benefits because I don’t know when the final verdict will be made.

“Regarding, the Sporting CP case, they are asking for $910,000.

“Finally, former striker Khalid Boutaïb has asked us for €3,400,000 million, but this case is in its early stages and we are trying to deal with it. This is not a final sentence, but rather a claim from the player,” he said.


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