Caf Women’s Champions League: Every word Wadi Degla and AS Mande coaches and players have said ahead of first game in MAIDEN competition

For the first time in Caf’s history, Women club football takes place as Egypt appears the host country. Wadi Degla represent the North African nation where the take on AS Mande from Mali in their first game in Cairo this evening 5th of November 2021 at 30 June Stadium.

With both clubs willing to the win the competition, clubs have shared the thought ahead of the opening game revealing that most clubs begun preparations long ago especially for Wadi Degla.

Wael El Sayed, Wadi Degla boss has meant that his side is good, ready for the competition but have respect for all participating Eight who thoughts revealed they good there because they are really good sides.

AS Mande boss Abdramane Maiga believe they are aware of the challenge it pose facing Wadi Degla but Mande fear no opposition. Fatoumata Doumbia, AS Mande midfielder has attached high level of pride to the competition stating she is so happy representing his Country Mali.

Wadi Degla arrival

Wael El Sayed – Wadi Degla Coach

“We prepared for this tournament since early in July. We faced some absences with some of our players going for international duty. We welcomed some foreign players to our team as well. We want to present a good image of the Egyptian women football.

“We play at home, and we are facing the best teams in Africa. This is why I carry the same amount of respect for all the teams in the tournament.

Degla TAM

“The foreign players got along with the rest of the team really quick, they are professionals and special, so they know how to adapt with the team.

“We studied our group opponents well and we are preparing in our way for them all. We are not afraid of any team; but we have respect for them. I hope we qualify for the finals”.

Amany Rashad – Wadi Degla Captain

“We are not here for honorary participation, we prepared very well and studied everything about the teams. It’s a privilege to crown our 12 Egyptian league titles with participating in the 1st edition of CAF Women’s Champions League and hopefully we win and continue participating in the upcoming editions.

“As a captain I made sure the foreign players are well adapted with the team. We all have the same instructions and the same lifestyle as footballers, so they made it easy for me to make sure this happens.

“It was a dream for us to have a CAF Women’s Champions League and this makes us even hungrier to win this edition”.

Abdourahamane Maiga coach of AS Mande and Fotoumata Doumbia of AS Mande during the 2021 TotalEnergies CAF Women's Champions League AS Mande press conference

Abdramane Maiga – AS Mande Coach

“We know the match can be challenging but we are ready for everything. We do not have enough information about Wadi Degla but we work with what we have and we can win. We will play the same way in all matches, and we have selected our weapons for the tournament.

“Expectations are very difficult now with this being the first tournament, however we tend to play our football and we will know about the teams as we go.

“At this moment, the difference between women’s football and men’s football is decreasing and it’s something we should be proud of.

Fatoumata Doumbia – AS Mande Midfielder

“I’m so happy to be representing my country in such an important tournament for women’s football. We are all very excited and this makes us want to win all the matches to go to the final.

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