One of World’s most intriguing Religious opinions- Who Is the Real Jesus?

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Two thousand years ago a man set foot on our planet who claimed to be from a place beyond space and time.

Although he had no credentials or political backing, his life and words changed our world. His name is Jesus Christ.

While most great people simply fade into history books, Jesus of Nazareth is still the focus of thousands of publications, documentaries and media controversy.

Two billion people today claim to be his followers, yet many still wonder, “Who is the Real Jesus Christ?”

Was Jesus a Real Person?

Although some skeptics have called Jesus a myth, historians acknowledge he was a real person. In fact, nine non-Christian historians and writers mention Jesus within 150 years of his death, the same number who mention the contemporary Roman Emperor, Tiberius Caesar.

In addition to that, over five thousand eight hundred New Testament manuscripts tell us about Jesus’ life and words. That’s far more than for any other person in ancient history.

New Testament scholar, John A. T. Robinson concludes that the New Testament was originally written while eyewitnesses of Jesus would still have been alive.

Regarding the reliability of the accounts about Jesus he states, “The wealth of manuscripts, and above all the narrow interval of time between the writing and the earliest extant copies, make it by far the best attested text of any ancient writing in the world.”

So, who was this man, Jesus Christ, and why was so much written about him?


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