Four top referees suspended in Ghana Premier League for erroneous decisions while three others commended  

The Match Review Panel of the Ghana Football Association has recommended the suspension of four referees for erroneous decisions in Ghana Premier League matches they officiated.

Referees Mahama Ewuntoma, Eso Doh Morrison, Gabriel Opoku Arhin and Andrew Awurisa have all been handed suspensions by the Review panel.

The Review Panel also commended Referee Emmanuel Azurago Tampuri and Maxwell Hanson for decisions taken in matches their respective matches.

Decision on Hearts of Oak vs Legon Cities- Matchday 1

“The panel watched the match in question and noticed the confusion that ensued between the Referee, Assistant Referee 1 and the Fourth Referee during substitutions.

“Per the current regulations multiple substitutions should be done at a go and not one after the other. When the team that wants to effect the substitution bring 2 or more players, the 4th Referee is obliged to effect same in one substitution window.

“Per the video watched by the Panel, it was observed that, that was not what happened on the match day.

“The Panel viewed the situation as unprofessional and therefore caution (first game of the season) the referees for that game to be up and doing and not to repeat same.

“All Referees are cautioned to effect substitutions as presented by the clubs to enable clubs to fully utilize their opportunity of five substitutes if the wish to do so.”

Decision on Elmina Sharks vs Dreams FC- Matchday 2

“Per the video watched by the Panel, it was observed that the referee awarded a penalty to Elmina Sharks in the 34th minute.

“There was a foot contact of the defender of Dreams player No. 21 and Elmina Sharks player No. 7 in the vital area of Dreams.

“The referee awarded a foul which resulted into a penalty.

“The referee (Emmanuel Azurago Tampuri) is recommended for a bold decision taken rightly in the early minutes of the game.

“However, he is advised to be more assertive and pro-active in his speed and positioning on the field of play. His body language did not convince the players after awarding the penalty.”

Decision on Bibiani Gold Stars vs Asante Kotoko- Matchday 3

“Per the video watched by the Panel, the game was well managed in all aspects.

“In the first half the referee made a great decision when the ball hit the leg of the player and bounce off the player’s hand. The referee took the right decision in awarding a corner kick. Per the Laws of the Game, it was not a penalty.

“The referee again exhibited a high level of football understanding which resulted in a good goal scored when everybody watching the match would have thought he should have immediately call for a penalty.

“Referee Maxwell Hanson is commended for his football understanding to allow various phase of the game to unfold which provided the opportunity to the attacking team to make use of the options opened to them.

Decision on Ash Gold vs Karela United- Matchday 1

“Per the video watched in the match between Ashantigold and Karela United, the Panel observed that in the 37th minute of the game, the referee (Mahama Ewuntoma) awarded a penalty to Karela United after player No. 3 of Karela kicked the ball against his own hand.

“Per the Laws of the Game regarding hand ball in soccer, the player cannot be guilty of any offence if the ball is coming from any part of body against his own hand.

“Referee Mahama Ewuntoma admitted to the Panel that he erred in that his decision in awarding a penalty.

“Referee Mahama Ewuntoma is therefore suspended for the technical error he committed which changed the results of the game for six (6) matchdays effective from the date communications.”

Decision on Asante Kotoko vs Bechem United- Matchday 2

SUMMARY OF COMPLAINT- In the 59th minute, the referee failed to give a red card to Ismail Abdul-Ganiyu (player of Asante Kotoko) for a seriously bad tackle on Emmanuel Avornyo (player of Bechem United).

OBSERVATIONS, FINDINGS AND GROUNDS OF THE DECISION – Per the video watched, we saw the player No. 30 of Asante Kotoko engaged in a serious foul play against player number 7 of Bechem. Per Law 12 (Fouls and Misconduct), the player used excessive force which endangers the safety of an opponent and therefore should be expelled.

MATCH OFFICIAL RESPONSES/DEFENCE- Gabriel Opoku Arhin, the center referee for that game admitted that during the game, he could not see the offence clearly but after consultation with the fourth referee (Andrew Awurisa) they decided to give the minimal sanction of a yellow card.

However, after watching the video of the match they both admitted that they erred. The Assistant two (Alex Osam-Nyarko) also claimed that he could not see clearly due to the distance between him and location of the incident.

DECISION(S)- The referee (Gabriel Opoku Arhin) erred in a major decision which was a carrier threatening tackle.

1. He is suspended for six (6) matchdays effective from the date of communication.

2. The fourth referee (Andrew Awurisa) is suspended for four (4) matchdays for his role played in the match effective from the date of communication.

Decision on Hearts of Oak vs Aduana Stars- Matchday 3

SUMMARY OF COMPLAINT- In the 23rd minute of the 1st half, Adam Farouk of Aduana FC brought down Daniel Afriyie Barnieh in the eighteen-yard box which referee Morrison failed to award a penalty to Hearts of Oak.

  1. Again Adam Farouk broke down a goal scoring attack by bringing down Kofi Kordzi in the 73rd minute of the 2nd half.
  2. Mohammed Alhassan was sent off by referee Morrison without committing foul. Bright Adjei of Aduana FC missed his step and fell in the 78th minute.
  3. The Match Commissioner (Charles Darkwah) sat in the presidential box at the stadium disfranchising Hearts of Oak from channeling their concerns to him.

OBSERVATIONS, FINDINGS AND GROUNDS OF THE DECISION- Per the video watched, the 23rd minute complaint did not show any clear contact of the two players involved in the tackle.

In the 63rd minute, there was a clear contact in the tackle between player of Heart No. 9 and Aduana player No. 24, but the referee rather judged it as a fair tackle instead of a foul. The referee erred.

In the 78th minute incident, player No. 15 of Hearts of Oak and player number 10 of Aduana were involved in contesting for the ball in the penalty area of Hearts of Oak. The referee awarded a penalty and a red card against the Hearts player number 15. This in our view was a wrong decision taken by the referee.

REFEREE’S OFFICIAL RESPONSE/DEFENCE- In talking to the referee, he tried to defend every action and decision he took during the match even when all the actions were replayed to him in the video clips.

DECISION(S)- The referee (Eso Doh Morrison) is hereby suspended for eight (8) matchdays effective from the date of communication for the multiple errors committed during the match.


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