Transcript reveals moment Novak Djokovic is given notice his visa to Australia may be cancelled

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Before transcript confirming Djokovic’s visa to Australia could be cancelled, it appeared that the Tennis star has been unvaccinated.

Now that the ruling has been announced, a number of documents related to the case have been released including part of the tennis star’s interview with border force.

In this interview, Djokovic announces that he has not been vaccinated.

This is how interview went.

Interviewer: “What are your reasons for travelling to Australia today?”

Djokovic: “I’m a professional tennis player and the main reason for me coming to Australia is participating in the Australian Open in Melbourne.”

Interviewer: “Now question regarding your vaccination – are you vaccinated?”

Djokovic: “I am not vaccinated.”

He then tells the interviewer that he has tested positive for Covid twice – in June 2020 and on 16 December 2021.

There is a latest part of the transcript of the interview released with border force suggesting the Serbian Tennis star’s visa may be cancelled and he had 20 minutes to argue why his visa shouldn’t be cancelled.

The interviewer Djokovic: “So you’re giving me legally 20 minutes to try to provide additional information that I don’t have?

“At 4 o clock in the morning? I mean you kind of put me in a very awkward position where at 4 in the morning I can’t call director of Tennis Australia, I can’t engage with anybody from the Victorian state government through Tennis Australia.

“I just you put me in a very uncomfortable position. I don’t know what else can I tell you. I mean I-I-I-I everything that that they — I was asked to do is here.”

“And I wouldn’t be here sitting in front of you if I if I wasn’t complying to all the rules and regulations set by your government. So I just — I don’t know what I I mean — to me it is a little bit shocking that you are have — that you are going to give me the notice to cancel my visa based on what?

What more could this man have done?

In attempt to release Novak Djokovic from detention in Australia, Judge Kelly asked this question earlier today, echoing the arguments of Novak Djokovic’s lawyer, Nick Wood.

Mr Wood had argued that the player had done “everything required of him by Tennis Australia”, which granted him the exemption from the country’s entry rules requiring foreigners to be fully vaccinated.

The government’s lawyers had not even begun their submissions. But much about Judge Kelly’s tone in the hearing felt quite telling.

He described how the tennis star was held for hours after a long journey, and was rushed to accept the decision that his visa has been revoked without being given time to consult his lawyers or Tennis Australia.

It felt like the government’s lawyers would have a tough job on their hands. In the end, it seems they did too.

Djokovic’s released has been celebrated by top personalities across the world with British broadcaster and former politician showing positive reaction.

Nigel Farage has tweeted his reaction to Novak Djokovic’s release.

Mr Farage has been outspoken in his support for Djokovic and flew to Serbia ahead of the tennis player’s court hearing.

His stance has already drawn plenty of mockery on social media given he is the UK’s best-known Brexit-backing politician who called for tighter control of Britain’s borders.

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