Your man is your first baby, pamper him, says relationship expert Afia Sika

KUMASI, 25th February, (Futball Surgery)– Relationship expert Afia Sika has advised Ghanaian women to pamper their boyfriends or husbands because they are their first babies.

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Afia Sika, one of Ghana’s finest sex and relationship coaches, who also doubles as a banker, has urged women to pamper their boyfriends or husbands because they are their first babies.

Afia said in an interview with host, Ayishatu Zakaria Ali on eTV Ghana’s ‘Girl Vibes’ that a lot of women like to be pampered by their men every time, “but we forget that they are our first babies and we need to pamper them too”.

She said this while sharing tips on how women can build and sustain their relationships in a healthy way. According to her, a woman who knows how to pamper her man gets to keep her man.

Sharing more of these relationships sustaining tips, she warned both men and women never to go through each other’s phones especially without their consent because that is one of the easiest ways to get a heart attack. “If you want to sustain your relationship or your marriage, don’t touch his or her phone”, she said.

The sex coach further counseled that, “When you sacrifice something, you give your all. If you want something, let everyone know this is your man. Claim him and don’t joke with him. You should never be scared to claim your man in public”.

Again, Afia Sika mentioned that sustaining a relationship requires a lot of sacrifice and it requires one party being a ‘fool’, so that the relationship can work out and grow healthily.


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