Ghana Football star Kevin-Prince Boateng unearth ex-wife Melissa Satta divorce

Ghana football star Kevin Prince-Boateng has for the first time spoken about his divorce with ex-wife Melissa Satta.

The 34-year old former Black Stars player believes he was not mentally well that is why he needed to call it a quite with Italian TV Presenter. The football star’s reason for divorce sharply overlaps with his former wife Melissa Stta’s reason of a suggested misunderstanding over serial flirtation.

Despite sharp difference in reasons for divorce, there could be similarity of doubt in minds of couple which might have led to permanent separation.

In December 2020, the two parties permanently broke away from a 4-year marriage having Melissa Satta and Boateng being together for almost 10 years.

Kevin-Prince Boateng took to his Twitter handle to confirm that he and Melissa Sattta adorable marriage has a snag and have ended it after a period of separation.

“After a period of separation, we decided to permanently end our relationship,” the 33-year-old wrote on Twitter.

Melissa Satta also shared a similar post on Instagram thanking him for the time they spent together but it has become necessary for them to go their separate ways.

“After a period of separation, we decided to permanently interrupt our relationship, in full respect of each other’s positions and in total serenity, it being understood that we will remain an important point of reference for each other for the growth of our son Maddox. Thanks for these 9 years … and for the best gift …. Maddox” 💙 -Melissa

The then wife was hit was philandering claims in the Italian media but has ever defended that costly allegations.

Melissa Stta and Boateng had a son named Maddox Boateng. Since the divorce, Satta, 36, has given account for what might have led to their permanent separation. In attempt to defend claims of serial cheating, the model appeared the couple were unable to overcome the misunderstanding from Satta’s flirtation allegations.

The Italian model was accused of a flirtation with another man, Matteo Rivetti, entrepreneur, son of the former owner of the Stone Island brand, which potentially led to divorce with Kevin Prince-Boateng.

However, Satta denied and relegated flirtation allegations leveled against her.

“I don’t usually make videos of this type, but this time I feel obliged”, the former tissue began, referring to an article published by Chi.

“They wrote that I have a flirtation with a man, a gentleman whom I don’t know and have never seen, and among other things I learned that this person has a beautiful family, is married and has two children.”

“I am living a very special moment in my life, very painful, as you know, and I am trying to live it within the four walls of my house, also protecting my son.

“It’s very difficult to manage, but I’m trying to do my best, ”added Melissa Satta, who, by her own admission, has learned to live with gossip, but not when the limits are exceeded.

“I’ve been doing this job for sixteen years, I know how gossip works. If they photograph me with someone, when that happens, there will be no problems, but it will not be a married person with children and already committed because that is something I would never do. I’m sorry for myself, but also for this person who found himself in the newspapers for no reason.

“Enough of this freedom to tarnish the lives of others, I also have feelings, I feel pain, even if I try not to always show them on social networks,” Melissa Satta remarked.

Kevin-Prince Boateng had never opened up on his side’s cause of divorce with Melissa Satta. The former AC Milan and Barcelona star has revealed the reason behind broke away from home.

The Ghana football star said he decided to end the marriage because he felt mentally unwell. According to Prince-Boateng, the relationship got to a point where both were not happy.

“I would like to say I did not leave my wife Melissa Satta for someone else. I never talk about our divorce, but now I want people to stop thinking I cheated on her with Valentina. I am not one who leaves a woman for another woman,” he said as quoted by

“I decided to separate, it was a difficult period, I was playing for Monza, I was not mentally well. I wanted to find myself. In ten years with marriage, a son, so many this happen and we were at a point of unhappiness that we could not go on,” he added.

The two had reunited from a first moment of crisis, the reasons for which were never disclosed, and on first it seemed that things had started working again between them, until the definitive break, also made official via social media with a joint declaration, on 21 December.

Kevin Prince-Boateng has since moved on and currently dates another Italian model. He is in a romantic relationship with Valentina Fradegrada.


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