Marriage scams Shatta Wale after ending new relationship a month later, a lesson to learn

Marriage is a good thing that happens between two lovely man and woman but many people have different views about it especially in this current generation. Ghanaian popular musician Shatta Wale may be at the opposite side that marriage is a real good piece of heaven package sent down to earth after various sources claiming Wale has described marriage as a ‘scam.
‘In April this year, Shatta Wale was hit with a heart break after his new relationship ended a month later. In about two months time, the Ghanaian music superstar may have recovered from the heart break and possibly be into a new relationship.
The Ghanaian dancehall act had revealed a new girlfriend a month later prior to the breakup. The woman had been revealed as Freda and Shatta Wale showed her off endless on social media and promised her his love. After all of the public show of love that came with kissing and baecation videos broadly shared on social media, the couple drifted apart sadly.
What that was a difficult moment for both couples but Shatta Wale appears the most hurt one after his ‘marriage is a scam’ comment suggest he was ready to tie the knot with Freda.
According to records shared by a snapchat blogger, Sel The Bomb, the fans break up on the time Shatta Wale landed in America for his tour. “Shatta Wale and his lover are not there anymore. Reporting data to you firsthand,” an insider instructed the blogger.
That was how Wale’s relationship breakup rife the internet.
How various sources wrote about the breakup
YEN Ghana: Shatta Wale Reportedly Breaks Up With New Girlfriend After 2 Months, Insider Shares Details 
Dancehall music star Shatta Wale, known in private life as Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend, Elfreda. Shatta Wale who had been officially single since parting ways with Michy in early 2019 announced in January that he had found a new lover.
Ghana Celebrities: Bad Luck Was Never My Portion – Shatta Wale Continues To Cry Over Break Up With Elfreda
Shatta Wale is still on social media throwing shades at his ex-girlfriend Elfreda after their break up. Shatta Wale and Elfreda’s love story lasted for months then fell apart all of a sudden. Rumors surfaced that Shatta maltreated Elfreda for trying to interfere in his issues with his mother.
Another blog alleged that Elfreda went through Shatta Wale’s phone and discovered he was cheating while in a relationship with her. The dancehall musician came to defend himself saying he wanted to date a mature girl, not some insecure child who snoops around people’s phones.
In a new post sighted online, Shatta Wale has claimed it was good he broke up with Elfreda because she was bad luck. According to Shatta, everything is going on we’ll with hi and he has made enough money after ending his relationship with Elfreda. Shatta Wale released a new song titled On God a few days after ending things with Elfreda and it seems to be bringing enough money into his pocket.
He posited that bad luck has never been his portion and that is the reason why he broke up with the woman he used to kiss and fondle in public.
Best Show Biz: Shatta wale and his new girlfriend Elfreda break up, Here is why and everything you need to know
Shatta Wale used his Snapchat profile about midday yesterday to make a series of messages implying that his recent Romeo and Juliet love affair with Elfreda was in trouble. After deleting the several photographs and videos of the lovely young girl he recently described as the love of his life from all of his social media platforms, the award-winning artist went further to make netizens fear that the relationship may have met snags.
Well, it appears that the relationship, which was gradually becoming the talk of the town, may have some severe concerns. Sel-The-Bomb, a well-known Snapchat blogger with insider connections, has taken to social media to explain what is rumored to be the real reason why Shatta Wale is no longer dating Elfreda.
Gh Page: Elfreda reacts to her break up with Shatta Wale
Elfreda has finally confirmed that she’s no more with Shatta Wale and the rumours circulating in the media that her relationship with the African Dancehall king has collapsed are true. Just about three months ago, Shatta Wale and Elfreda were all over the place chopping serious love and subtly mocking Shatta Michy in addition.
Unfortunately, Elfreda has had a dose of her own drug because she was Shatta Michy’s best friend back in the days. Well, a quick search on Elfreada’s Instagram page substantiates that she has unfollowed Shatta Wale and also deleted all their kissing videos.
Apparently, Shatta Wale was the first to unfollow her on his socials and also deleted all their all-loved up photos.
Ghana Gossip: Real Reason Why Shatta Wale And New Girlfriend Elfreda Broke Up -Insider Drops More Gist
An insider has fed social media users with the current update on the relationship between Shatta Wale and his new girlfriend Elfreda. Shatta Wale who found a new replacement for Michy Gh has been flaunting his new girlfriend since and also showered gifts on her during her birthday. But it seems the relationship has ended in tears. According to the insider, the two love birds broke up for two reasons.
Firstly, Elfreda complained about how the artist is authoritative, disrespectful, and violent towards her and the people around him. Secondly, they had a heated argument after Elfreda allegedly tried to lend a helping hand to Shatta Wale’s mother after she came out to disclose that she is homeless.
Recall that Shatta Wale’s mother came out to say that her son has abandoned her and is now homeless. Apparently, the new girlfriend wanted to assist but the artist stopped her. According to the insider, Shatta Wale and Elfreda argued about it until they both parted ways.
These reports can assist in understanding Wale’s recent relationship breakup which if care was offered could have turned into marriage. In a pure relationship, many people ought to learn from some of these relationship mistakes to turn it into marriage- an art not a scam but an institution, a ministry and life.

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