President Zelenskyy reveals Ukraine readiness to provide food security for Africa

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has given an assurance to African countries that his country will continue to help with the supply of food to the continent.

Addressing a virtual press conference with journalists drawn from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa on August 4 available to ModernGhana News, President Zelenskyy said his country is ready to guarantee food security for the African continent.

He explained that despite the war with Russia, it has never opted to cease the supply of food from his country to countries in Africa, unlike Russia.

“The second thing I’d like to point out is that Russia invests in total less than 1% of all investments in the African continent. Russia does not invest in you as in countries, nations or societies. This means that Russia does not believe in you. All Russian investments are just political. Russia comes to you, tells you that they are a great state, the heir of the Soviet Union, tells: “we need to expand our ties.” But what is all this about? Please look at agriculture and food products. Did Ukraine block the supply of food products to the African continent from the Russian Federation? Did we raise the issue of preventing bread and wheat from reaching Africa from Russia? Never,” President Zelenskyy shared.

Ukraine President added, “We fight them with other sanctions. And what did they do? On the contrary, they did block. Both Russia and Ukraine sell grain products to African countries. We do not block agricultural exports from Russia, but they have blocked our ports with force and weapons. They support famine. Then what did they contribute besides their arrivals to the African continent all these years? One cannot say that Russia has paid much attention to the African continent since the Soviet Union. This is not true.

“There were many states in the Soviet Union, which today, like the countries of Africa, see their independence and conduct their relations with various independent states of the African continent. If all Russian investments in African countries are only 1%, then this is their price, this is their faith in the future of the African continent. Therefore, we want African countries to support not just Ukraine but the truth. And we are ready to guarantee food security for the African continent, while we do not ask to exclude supplies from Russia. It’s your choice.”

Meanwhile, President Zelenskyy has implored the rest of the world to unite around Ukraine to help end the war.

According to the Ukraine President, his country will not give up on freedom at any cost, emphasising that Ukraine will stand to the end.

“How many times could they step into the same rake again and again? Freedom, you know, freedom has no price. Russia should not even expect that they can buy freedom with their “oil-dollars”. This will never work for our country. We will stand till the end,” President Zelenskyy stressed.



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