Nhyira FM ‘Obra Show’ man arrested for threatening to release nude videos of wife of late brother

A 30-year-old man has been arrested after threatening to release nude videos of his late brother’s wife.

Michael Agyei made the threat on live radio when he appeared on the Obra Show on Nhyira FM.

Grace Manu, 37 years, filed a complaint against Michael, the younger brother of her late husband, accusing him of failing to honour the payment of some GHc7,500 he borrowed from her.

Grace says she had a brief intimate relationship with Michael after the demise of her husband.

The relationship, according to her, was validated by custom which allows a widow to marry the brother-in-law. But their relationship turned sour due to misunderstandings, especially conflicts over money.

Both Grace and Michael appeared on the Obra Show to seek arbitration. In the adjudication process, Michael accused Grace of issuing death threats over the money he owed her.

He then revealed to have in his possession nude videos of Grace Manu which he threatened to release if he was harmed.

“I have so many videos of Grace and if she keeps issuing death threats with curses against me about the money, I will release all the videos,” he stated.

The KNUST Police had to be called in to arrest Michael over his threats. He is under interrogation at the police station for the retrieval of the nude videos.


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