Matrouh player Sami Saeed passed away during club game against El Salloum

Matrouh’s player Sami Saeed passed away during the club’s game against El Salloum in the Egyptian Third Division Group 12.

Saeed collapsed in the field with 15 minutes left to play into the game which was taking place in Matrouh Youth Centre Stadium.

The medical teams of both clubs rushed onto the pitch attempting to resuscitate him before he was carried by ambulance to Matrough General hospital where he died at the age of 43.

Mattroh’s president Farag Hamad revealed that the cause of death was a circulatory collapse (Shock), confirming that Saeed had no medical problems of any kind.

“Sami had a shock and collapsed. He was carried to a nearby hospital after being resuscitated in the pitch, however, he passed away in the hospital,” Hamad spoke to Egyptian TV channel “ON”.

“The player was in good health and had no medical problems or any chronic diseases,”

“We need coordination between the health and sports ministries to provide free ambulance in front of the youth centres. Matrouh is a poor governorate, and the clubs don’t have enough capabilities. We need to act to avoid another tragedy.”

The Egyptian Football Association released a statement mourning Saeed’s death and sending their condolences to his family.

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