Salt and how to know the mineral substance in animals and industrial sector

Salt- combination of acid and base- is arguably one of Earth’s most abundant minerals. In chemistry, salt consist of the positive ion of a base and a negative ion of an acid. Salt is produced by the reaction of acid and base. Not all salts are safe to eat, and not all of them taste salty.

Salt (NaCl) Sodium Chloride, is a mineral substance that is of great importance to human beings, animal homes as well as industries. It’s naturally found in seawater and in underground rock formation.

There is a popular opinion of salt’s importance in only human consumption but the substance serve crucial functions in the animal kingdom and industrial sector.

While some of salt’s importance to the human being have been highlighted, it is of great worth to elaborate its vitality in animals and industries.

The role of salt (Sodium Chloride) in animal kingdom

Salt plays a key role in bodily function of the animal and the general health, production and breeding capabilities of the species.

Salt stimulates and boost appetites in animals while regulating the amount of water they drink and drive libido especially in goat. Animals such as deer, sheep, goats, cattle and elephants make regular visits to salt resources in nature to obtain other minerals they need including calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and sodium.

Salt also has essential role in their growth, efficiency to reproduce as well as helps to prevent dehydration and enhances digestion and assimilation of food.

Lack of salt in animals

  • Lack of sodium chloride will cause loss of appetite and reduced ingestion (25%0
  • Slower growth
  • Production of milk will drop
  • Tired animal are prone to diseases
  • Animals tend to have infertility issues such as placenta retention, premature calving and sterility

Industrial uses of salt

Salt serve as dye in fabric and is used in production of glass, polyester, plastics and leather in the chemical industry.

Salt is essential component in the production of paper, tires, bass, bleach and hardened steel.

Salt plays a role as a flavouring agent and as food preservative both in industrial food processing and home cooking.

Importance of salt in industrial sector

Industrial salt is used in oil drilling to make it more efficient and safer.

Solar power energy production requires industrial salt to help it maintain certain level of salinity for specific reaction to take place.

Industrial salt is used for processing of metals and secondary aluminum making by removing impurities within the process.

Salt is used in the textile industry to fix batches of dye to be able to turn them into standardized dyes.

Industrial salt is deployed in the pharmaceutical sector for preparation of saline solution and the production of capsules.

Industrial salt is used in soap-making and treatment of water for other purposes.

To the human, it’s generally accepted that the body can’t survive without its possession of amount of sodium. The sea salt that contains sodium, potassium and calcium are needed for optimal health.

The body uses sodium to maintain fluid and balance a healthy heart, liver, kidney.

Importance of salt to human beings

It helps the thyroid gland to function properly that prevent deficiencies like fatigue, constipation, difficulty in thinking.

Salt also promotes healthy hydration levels that help the organs in the body to function properly. The cells, muscles and tissues need water and salt to help these body parts to maintain the right fluid to prevent dizziness, fatigue and muscle cramps.

People living with cystic fibrosis need water and salt in their diet to avoid dehydration.

Risk of eating too much salt

Too much intake of salt can lead to high blood pressure

One can get puffy face, feet, hands, ankle for consuming too much salt.

Feeling weak when there is too much salt in the blood

Loss of calcium through urine which can cause Osteoporosis

Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke are sometimes related to high sodium in the blood

Preventing too much intake of salt

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Prepare your own food instead of eating from out-of-home sources while moderating salting meal preparation.

Be careful of the use of spices when preparing meals

  • This reporting is contributed by Evelyn Tiana 
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