EXCLUSIVE: GFA Elections Committee disqualifies George Afriyie from presidential race

The Elections Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has announced the disqualification of George Afriyie from the 2023 GFA presidential race.

This was confirmed in a statement signed by the committee’s chairman, Joseph Bernard Ashalley, on Monday, August 28, 2023.

The committee said the Susubiribi owner was disqualified on the basis of two grounds, “Breach of Article 13(2(j) of the Ghana Football Association Statutes, 2019; and Failure to provide the required number of Ghana Football Association Members to support your candidature.”

“Following the vetting process held on 21s August 2023 and after careful consideration, the Ghana Football Association (GA) Elections Committee (the “Committee”) regrets to inform you that your application to contest for the position of President of the GFA was unsuccessful,” the statement said.

The Committee added that the five members that were supposed to endorse the former GFA Vice President’s nomination are not up because one of the members was not attached to any club and peddled lies.

“The Committee has also confirmed from the records submitted to the GFA by Victory Club Warriors FC that Jeffrey Asare was neither listed as an authorised signatory for the Club nor was he registered on the FIFA Connect System as a Club official at the time of the signing of the Nomination Form, the vetting and decision making by the Election Committee.

“Subsequently, the Committee enquired via a recorded WhatsApp video call from the owner of Victory Club Warriors FC (the sole shareholder and Director of the Victory Club Warriors Ltd.), Leslie Kuku Bartels, whether Jeffrey Asare was an authorised signatory for the Club or a Director of the Company. Leslie Kuku Bartels confirmed that Jeffrey Asare was neither an authorised signatory for the Club nor a director of the Company.

“Furthermore, Jeffrey Asare confirmed through a recorded WhatsApp video call that he was not a Director of Victory Club Warriors Ltd, as stated on your nomination form and stated in a statutory declaration sworn on 8th August 2023. Per his admission, he peddled falsehood by his statutory declaration.”

George Afriyie has been given up to three working days upon receipt of the decision to appeal the ruling.

“Should you wish to appeal against the decision of the Election Committee, you shall be required to lodge an appeal to the GFA Appeals Committee within three (3) clear days of receipt of the Committee’s decision in writing, supported by any document (s) you wish to bring to its attention on or before 5:00pm, Monday, 11th September 2023 in accordance with the provisions of the GFA Statutes 2019 and the GA Regulations on Elections 2019.”

The election processes are currently on hold because of a petition of injunction filed at the Accra High Court.

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