Former Zamalek man Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malek labels Abdel-Halim Ali as “the dream deal” for Zamalek

Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malek, the former player of Zamalek, believes that Abdel-Halim Ali, the former White Castle striker, is the only one who can be called “the dream deal”, after the great history that he made with the white team before his retirement, and Abdel-Malek said through his personal account on Twitter. The only thing that I can tell the deal is the dream, if the days come back to us, and the first-night nights come back, O Nightingale. “

Earlier, Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malek praised the White Castle contracts in the last two years, stressing that it is a deliberate plan that results in bringing distinguished stars to the White Knight. He remained thoughtful and Asame Al-Laiba, who came in a distinctive way, and no one in Najeeb, I wish we would continue on this approach, and who will come to Zamalek, his name will rise, and it will benefit especially the professionals for the last two years.

Club officials have finished Zamalek Contracting with a fifth deal, in order to strengthen the ranks of the first football team before the start of the new season, where Mortada Mansour, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, had announced the completion of the contract with four players to support the ranks, refusing to announce their names at the present time.

“Zamalkawi” program, broadcast on the Zamalek channel screen, announced the success of Mortada Mansour in concluding a fifth deal for the football club in the club, stressing that the deal is of high caliber and dreams of Zamalek supporters, especially as the player is a surprise because he is a big name in the world of football.

Fathi Jebal, the technical director of the Tunisian Sfaxien team, confirmed that his club had reached an agreement with Hamza Mathlouthi, the team’s player, to complete the current season before joining Zamalek.

Mountains said in statements to the radio IFM Tunisian: I would most likely complete the season with the team before moving to Zamalek, after the parties reached an initial agreement in this regard.

A source had confirmed that the player has the right to join the Zamalek training starting from next July in the event of obtaining his signature officially, according to what was recently reported, explaining that the Mathlouthi contract with Sfaxi ends June 30 and the player has the right to join any official club starting from July 1.


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