Athletic Club fans launch El Caso Negreira protest against Barcelona

Barcelona were unable to escape the controversy surrounding the El Caso Negreira/Negreira Case during their trip to Athletic Club.

La Blaugrana are at the centre of allegations involving claims centred on their rumoured relationship with the former Vice President of the Referee’s Committee, Enriquez Negreira.

The Catalans are accused of making payments to Negreira, in his former role, as part of an attempt to influence referees to make favourable decisions for the team, under the Negreira’s guidance.

As the case continues to evolve, the Spanish public prosecutor has indicated their belief of the claims being accurate, with a judicial review expected imminently.

Despite Barcelona’s insistence over their innocence in the case, Athletic Club supporters showed their cynicism over the situation, with a show of protest at tonight’s La Liga clash.

The home fans littered the pitch with ‘Mafia’ notes in a very clear hint at their belief of Barcelona’s wrongdoing in the latest chapter of financial charges against the club.

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