Gerard Pique and Clara Chia publicly display their affection in stadium VIP box

During the last few months there has been nothing else to talk about. The earthquake that was the break-up between Gerard Pique and Shakira and the new relationship that the ex-Barcelona footballer has embarked on with Clara Chia has dominated a lot of news and headlines.

After the new path taken by Pique came Shakira’s song with Bizarrap, in which the Colombian launched direct darts at her ex and even at her new partner, and everything went into turmoil.

After the tsunami that followed, Pique and Clara Chia formalised their relationship in public, while Shakira continued to send darts towards Pique, as happened last Valentine’s Day.

On 14 February, the South American artist posted a video in which she sang the song ‘I might kill my ex’.

Pique and Clara Chia show their love for each other

But it seems that Pique is not affected at all by his ex-partner is taking as he shows his love with Clara Chia wherever he goes.

This time, they were seen together again in public at an FC Andorra match. As if they were just two more fans, both followed in detail what was happening during the match from one of the boxes of the stadium.

And while they were chatting and watching Andorra’s match against Badalona, in which the former Barcelona player’s team won 1-0, they did not hesitate to kiss on more than one occasion and show how well their relationship is going.

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