Tebas fires back at Laporta: I am not obsessed with Barca, we need an explanation

La Liga President Javier Tebas has continued the war of words with Barcelona President Joan Laporta during an interview Spanish radio station Cadena Cope. Tebas described the damage done by the ‘Caso Negreira‘ as irreparable, and demanded explanations.

Tebas told the press previously that Laporta should resign last week if he could not provide a reasonable explanation for the payments to Enriquez Negreira. Laporta then responded with a torrent of strong statements to Tebas, accusing him of being obsessed with Barcelona.

The La Liga President dismissed that idea entirely.

“An investigation process has started and national and world football needs an explanation.”

“Joan Laporta cannot say that there is someone in charge of financial control to whom I have told that he has to do something because I don’t like Barcelona, no. I don’t have an obsession with the club and he knows it, the rules are not from Tebas, but of all the departments of LaLiga, it is only a matter of complying with them.”

Of course the two are locked in battle on a number of issues, including salary limits and the Superleague as well. However on the Caso Negreira itself, he claimed that most of the damage was already done.

“The reputational damage that is being done to Spanish and international football is already irreparable. An investigation process has begun, because the explanation is required not only by the president of LaLiga, but by all of world football. The damage is irreparable and we must seek clarification, intentions and those responsible.”

The pair are likely to continue trading shots almost indefinitely, but Tebas is right in that the world and the fans deserve more information on the matter. Equally, as a political rival, Tebas is not alien to stirring the pot in order to put pressure on his opponents.

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