Neymar hilariously reacts after losing £900,000 in an hour in an online casino

Neymar’s poor injury luck has carried over to online gambling, as he lost €1m (£900,000) in just one hour of online casino which he streamed on his Twitch channel.

The Paris Saint-Germain star – who earns £3.2m-per-month –  has been left to his own devices after he was ruled out for the rest of the season with an ankle injury.

Neymar is not averse to gambling during his spare time – something of which he has plenty of, as he recovers following his surgery.

Though he is more known for his love of poker, Neymar often tries his luck in online games on his Twitch platform.

However, it was a rough night for Neymar, who hilariously reacted upon realising how much he lost.

The 31-year-old pretended to cry as a mock Titanic theme began to play when his realisation set in – music which is often used on social media as a meme for moments of sadness.

In a couple of seconds we saw a range of mock emotions as his crying turned into laughter, before he shouted out in anguish – putting his fingers in his mouth.

He then said ‘oh f***’ with a laugh before joining in with the out of tune flute music – pretending to play the instrument.

One of his fellow players in the background as per Globo Esporte, could be heard saying Neymar ‘went from a million to zero in 60 minutes’.

Neymar then joked that he was going to put the video of the moment on YouTube.

The Brazilian was clearly not too upset about losing $1m, something which is not surprising given his hefty wages.

French publication L’Equipe earlier this week revealed the top wages among players in Ligue 1.

Neymar was ranked second on the list and is said to take home £3.2m a month – before taking into account his sponsorships and endorsements.

He earns just more than Lionel Messi who earns around £3m-per-month, while another PSG team-mate in Kylian Mbappe tops the list on a staggering £5.2m in wages.

Neymar has regularly been spotted in casinos, even taking part in the European Poker Tour where fellow competitors suggested he could take part professionally, as per RMC Sport.

There was some controversy surrounding Neymar after he was spotted at a poker table after his side’s Champions League exit to Bayern Munich.

There were suggestions Mbappe criticised Neymar as he said after the first-leg loss: ‘For the return game, the important thing is that we all eat and sleep well.’

Mbappe though denied that he was taking a dig at his PSG team-mate.

Meanwhile manager Christophe Galtier later added: ‘I spoke to Neymar and told him what I thought. He has the right, on his day off, to play poker.’

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