Ghanaian journalist blasted over football venue comparison with Morocco

Ghana Football Association (GFA) General Secretary, Prosper Harrison Addo, has accused journalists of portraying Ghana as “poor and useless” by comparing the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence to the Mohammed VI Football Academy in Morocco.

Addo noted that the Moroccan government significantly contributed to the construction of the academy, which has become a benchmark for sports development in Ghana. He added that the FIFA Forward program could not solely fund such a project.

Addo expressed concern that Ghana was often criticized for the poor state of its Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence, with allegations that funds allocated for its improvement had been misappropriated.

He urged an end to unfavorable comparisons between Ghana and other countries, arguing that such comparisons made Ghana look “poor and useless.”

“The FIFA forward is not $10m so they cannot build such a project only with it but their government also contributed to it,” he told Akoma FM.

“The same case is happening in Rwanda and we all applaud them but the comparison of others’ projects to our own making Ghana look poor and useless. It is not nice. We can all learn from them but do not make Ghana look like there is no sensible person here.”


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