Botswana Football Association announces autonomy for Botswana Premier League

Botswana Premier League receives a huge development boost after the Executive Committee of the Botswana Football Association granting the league autonomy.

The announcement was made on Monday that “We are happy to announce that Botswana Football League (Pty) Ltd is registered with CIPA.

“The company [Botswana Football league – BFL] will have all 16 premier league clubs as shareholders, and it will be a stand-alone company which will run their errands independently from the BFA.

“The BFL will only be a special member of the federation [BFA] as per FIFA standards and guidance.”

The Southern African country’s Premier League has always inquire to become autonomous but that needed time.

Various stakeholders have contributed to this milestone in Botswana football league and among them is the Transformation and Sponsorship Committee that was tasked to transform the top flight league beginning with seeking autonomy for the competition.


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