‘OBRA’ marriage snub after veteran actress Maame Dokono revealing 10-year romantic affair with David Dontoh that was expected but never ended up in marriage

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Ghana veteran actress, Grace Omaboe, well known by her screen name, Maame Dokono, has detailed her love life in a recent interview revealing her 10-year period of romantic affair with famous actor.

Her 10-year duration of romantic affair with David Dontoh came in between her first and second marriages due to separation from her first husband.

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Despite falling in love with each other for a decade, the relationship never ended up in marriage with Maame Dokono snubbing marriage proposal from numerous men including his lover David. While dating, David had proposed to marry Dokono but the actress rejected that idea in their days acing of ‘Obra TV show.

Grace Omaboe was initially a writer on Osofo Dadzi in the 70s when she was encouraged by Nana Bosompra to act in a series she co-produced called Keteke.

She first started acting in the ‘Keteke’ TV series on Ghanaian State owned TV, GTV. She moved on from there to become one of the most sought after actress of her time when she starred in and produced the 1980s/1990s Akan drama series ‘Obra’ on GTV and also co-hosted an educative story telling TV program for kids known us ‘By The Fire Side’.

David gained popularity from movies such as ‘Deadly Voyage,’ ‘Kukurantumi – the Road to Accra,’ ‘Heritage Africa,’ among others.

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While having a good time with her career in the Ghanaian movie industry, she was enjoying her romantic life as well something most popular celebrities never have at the same time.

It may turned out that, a celebrity, most especially the females will only appear to enjoy one side of the coin while putting in much effort to get on track the other side.

But for one of old and famous Ghanaian actress Maame Dokono who stared in the movie industry for decades appears one of the few who were in different worlds of their career and romantic life at the same time.

The veteran has revealed that she was in romantic affair with then one of the most famous men stars of her generation in the movie industry David Dontoh. Their affair was no secret to the industry but to the outside world, there was a bit of unbelieving about the affair between David and Maame Dokono.

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With none of the two breaking silence on their relationship at initial stage, doubts and conspiracies has continually rock throughout to date. And many Ghanaian have poised to know in-depth truth about the affair that blossom but never ended up in marriage.

Although, Dokono enjoyed her dating life but struggled with marriage, marrying twice before and after her 10-year romantic love with David Dontoh.

The 75-year old has now opened up on the affair stating they were romantic affair, helping many Ghanaians to quench curiosity about the romantic lives of the famous celebrities.

David does not confirm or deny their love affair but insists that the two were very good friends and particularly close during the period when Grace was separation from her first husband.

The television personality made an appearance on one of Ghana’s entertainment source United Showbiz hosted by Nana Ama McBrown on Saturday, November 20 on United Television (UTV).

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She revealed that despite appearing happy when dating David, the two never ended up in marriage and toured the country together with their acting.

Maame Dokono has already cited reasons why the two never got married as she appears the side that rejected David’s marriage advances.

According to her, David wanted to marry and have children with her, but she wasn’t interested. This, she stated was because, aside being older than Dave was, she already had children and had undergone a caesarian section.

“I don’t know but what happened is all my children I delivered through cesarean section. From the twins to the last child. Even with the last but one, I wasn’t operated but the child delayed for some time. I was given artificial remedies before I delivered. I suffered during childbirth so if you engage me in sexual bouts, it won’t work because it pains me”.

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Another idea why she dated David either than marriage was to ward off other men who were pestering her with marriage proposals.

“David Dontoh held me together and handled me well. At that time I was popular, beautiful and many, different men were all over me when I am on stage, so I needed someone to hold me,” she said

What a snub and surprise that could be after never marrying the love of her life with the two meeting in ‘Obra’ TV show. And could that possibly mean after failing to marry her love, she never married for a second time.

The 75-year old former actress has revealed that she married twice in her life time including her ugly husband whose intelligence won her heart.

“I was beautiful myelf and wanted to balance it with someone who is intelligent hence going for an ugly man,” one online portal quoted Maame Dokono to have said three years ago.

In his recent claims on David, Dokono said; “Actually, I married twice in my life. I won’t count the men I dated as marriage. There was a time I wasn’t married but I was dating, everyone knew the man as my husband; that was David Dontoh.



“We started dating from the days of ‘Obra’. We stayed together for over 10 years. We toured different places for our concert,” she revealed.

After years of rejecting David’s marriage proposal, the TV program host continue to worry her with the same topic til now. And Dokono assessed her chances of settling down with David if she had changed her decision to marry the 57-year old.

“It was just recently that he decided to go, even with that If I had agreed to marry him we could have settled. At that time, I had already given birth to four children so I thought that I couldn’t waste his time as a young man so he should go”.

She also revealed potential lesbian affair which she rejected as well during her acting days.

“Everyone who met me expressed their interest in me. I even had women making advances towards me. Some of these women could wait long hours at the hotel entrance just to see me, especially women who have stayed outside Ghana,” she said.

She continued that “apart from the men who were after me, women also loved me. Yes, so in order not to soil myself, I had him (David Dontoh). I was with him all the time so people thought we were married”.

Maame Dokon is currently divorced and has six children with two based in the United States, two in the Netherlands and the rest in Ghana.

There are alarming questions that need open mind. That could David not as intelligent Dokono wanted in a husband? Was she cheating on her first husband with David before the separation finally ended up in divorce? And was her first or last marriage the ugly husband she has passionately talked about in the media?

Separation in concept of marriage

Separation in marriage means mutual agreement by a husband and a wife to discontinue living together, defined Britannica. A legal separation does not dissolve the marriage contract but merely adjusts the couple’s obligations under it in light of their desire to live separately.

Practically, however, separation is often a prelude to divorce. Such agreements usually contain provisions on the care and support of children.

If a lawsuit occurs over the meaning of the agreement, the courts have traditionally favoured the wife, on the theory that her dependency demands that she be protected.

The parties need not go to court to terminate a separation agreement. They can do so at any time by mutual assent, and the law presumes that they have done so if they resume living together.

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The filing of a divorce suit or even the granting of a divorce does not terminate a separation agreement, which is an independent contract. A claim for alimony, however, is usually interpreted as an assent to repudiation of the old agreement.

One spouse can acquire from the court the equivalent of a separation if the other has deserted or is behaving cruelly or viciously.

This is called a decree of separate maintenance. It fixes the obligations of the deserting spouse toward the other. The procedures for obtaining separate maintenance and setting its terms are essentially the same as those involved in alimony.

The grounds required for separate maintenance must usually be serious, especially if there are children involved. Under some jurisdictions, they must be such as would render the normal performance of marital duties impossible. Under other jurisdictions, they must be such as would justify divorce.

A spouse’s right to separate maintenance ends with the dissolution of the marriage relation or with the other spouse’s death.

The same effect obtains if the couple resumes living together or if the spouse being maintained acquires unexpected wealth. Misconduct of the spouse being maintained also ends the other’s obligation.

The ugly but intelligent husband

With point of marriage (either first or last) with her ugly husband not yet known, Maame Dokono has talked about how the intelligence of that man melted her heart to fall in love.

She has noted that her husband was not handsome but he is blessed with enormous intelligence which was one of the key qualities she was looking for in a husband.

The former actress has revealed that she was beautiful herself and wanted to balance it with someone who was intelligent hence going for that ugly man. Maame Dokono also mentioned that apart from the intelligence of her husband, she looked at his capabilities in bed because she was not very good in bed.

Dokono claimed that because her husband was not handsome, he had fears that she will cheat on him because she was beautiful.

Choosing an intelligent man, she stressed has been the best decision ever because all her children are Doctors while some occupy big positions wherever they are.

She had four children with her first husband and two with her second husband. She attributes her several relationship breakdowns partly to the demands of acting and irreconcilable differences around her career aspirations and the demands of family.

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