Glazer family finally agree to sell Manchester United to Saudi Arabia investors?

It was reported some weeks ago that there might be a sensational take-over of Manchester United by investors from Saudi Arabia in any time soon.

Though United isn’t a poor club both on and off the pitch in general terms but the Manchester club have failed to live up their rich-bill status on the turf after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United have not been able to purchase top and world class players who play week-in week-out for their clubs, one would say “after the departure of Fergi’.

Though many reasons may account for United inability to land top quality players in the last five seasons, financial impediment, not in terms of unavailability, but being economically wise in recent transfer markets can be one of the factors that has affected Ole’s side from getting some of the big fishes in football to Old Trafford.

Manchester United would need that extra financial strength to be able to compete at the highest level of football, thus currently, where the likes of Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Liverpool are.

The financial strength would definitely not come from the Glazer family, who represent one of the richest families in the landscape of English football. Meaning an outsider, and to the extreme, in the Arab World may be the likeliest source to bring Manchester United back to where they belong in domestic and continental competitions.

As it has been reported by The Mirror, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is ever interested and ready take over Manchester United from the Glazer fraternity.

Earlier reports suggested Arabian investors led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman have prepared a secret bid worth the region of  £ 2 to 3 billion to purchase United, and both parties of Richard Arnold representing the Reds and reps of the prince met yesterday in Saudi Arabia to discuss a possible deal.

The outcome of the discussion still remains unclear and undisclosed but latest rife of reports in many outlets and sources on social media with the most popular one being twitter are claiming that the Glazer family have finally agreed to hand over or sell Manchester United to the Arab Investors in the deal that worth £5 billion.

Although these rumours are heavy weights, Manchester United Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward few days ago outlined Glazers’ intentions of not selling the clubs, and there aren’t any either concrete offers for United as well as confirmed by Ed.

The Manchester club have already began preparing for life without considering a thing of a sort.

They have already started planning ahead of the January transfer where the bringing-in of Mario Mandžukić who is completely left out at Juve is in the pipeline.

Manchester United is also interested in signing former Liverpool midfielder Emre Can from Juve. According news in Italy, Can would welcome a move to Old Trafford where he believe he would walk straight into the starting lineup of Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Notwithstanding that, the sale of the club in the near future is not completely ruled out as a deal that exceeds £4.3billion would force Glazer to sell Manchester United.


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